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This is General H.Q. where I can share some of the things that have been helpful
for me in my years on the web. I wish I would had known someone to trust back then,
but that’s about networking & it will be covering that later.
Anyway, I’ve decided to try to be that someone to those who were looking for direction.


I’ll assume you are into online marketing and have had it pounded into your head that the “gold is in the list,” you’re probably blinded by dollar signs, visions of beachfront mansions and days filled with nothing but your toes in the sand.

Making money from your list building efforts is wonderful –and it should be a goal that you have. I’m not here to discount that at all. In fact, it’s one of the driving forces behind this
journey you’re on at present.

Now,  I do have a problem with people who only build lists to milk other people out of their money.These are the sort of people with their ethics all out of sorts. There are a ton of fly by night marketers out there that just build up a quick list, and drain it dry and know people are going to jump ship left and right just as fast!

There needs to be a balance between seeking gold and doing good. Of course there doesn’t have to be – but there should be. Without the goal of doing good with your list,  you’ll never enjoy the same kind of success that top marketers who build longevity with their reputation enjoy. I believe that to be the key  to longevity & prosperity on both sides of the coin.

At the time of setting up this page, I’m not even offering a subscription, but hang in there because there soon will be. I am planing on posting a series of articles soon on List Building in the near future from my new eBook book.” Pure Facts On Internet Marketing’. I know …  kind of a long title , but that is what I plan to provide on this blog.  If you want hype, just read most of you email

As for the upcoming book  I plan on you finding a copy if you want it before you ever leave, just as soon as it’s finished. I look forward to sharing with all of you very soon.


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